Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dragon's Flight Tests

My environment is not quite back up, and most of the team has been busy with other things.  Dorothy recently sent me a dragon model, and is working on perfecting another.  I've been working on flight tests for the dragons. Whats the point to a game with flying dragons if you can't share in the experience?

As the dragons grew to depend on magic, their natural ability to fly was reduced.  Something closer to a chicken.  Not very elegant.  But they can glide pretty well, and use magic to help add more force off the ground and do other tricks in the air.

Here is a slightly closer view.  When closer to the ground, dragons can pick up more speed.  Allowing them to get to higher peeks, and glide farther distances.  Below is a video of a recent flight test in the game.  Temporary background music is added, the orbs help add to the the feel of the flight.  The lighting and water effects are far better.   I'm working on applying the math/logic to its flight.  Pieces of it work, and I'll work on improving it over time.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Working with dragons can be dangerous.  Fire is not something that bothers them.  So naturally developing dragon games have inherent risks.  As such, there has been a pause in game development, and it will continue for a short while.

On Thursday, November 21st, my house burned down.  With it, a great deal of my computer equipment and supplies.  While I did manage to get my server working again, I do not have an effective place to use it.

I am presently seeking a new place to rent for now, and shortly after getting setup, I plan to continue with development again.

I am missing some things I had used before for development of games and greatly for the classes I teach, if anyone would like to contribute, please look at my Learn Build Play post on the same issue:

Thank you for any help.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WW Building Placement and Rotation.

I've been busy working on the scripts surrounding camera movement and building placement.  Particularly, that we have button based building deployment.  The building follows the mouse cursor until you set it.  You can also rotate the building prior to placing it.  Additionally, the physics on the camera allow it to move faster with shift.

I've also added the ability to move the camera closer or farther from the ground.  The controls have also become more modular.  Which is good considering that they are closer to finished product that will be moved into the final project.  Below is a short video that shows features in action.

New Key Features
  • Only add a building after clicking a button.
  • Building follows cursor
  • Building can be rotated. 
  • Building can be placed.
  • Escape cancels out of placement.
  • Shift rotates building faster.
  • Camera is at isometric overhead view.
  • Camera movement is smoothed out with Velocity, Impulse and Friction.
  • Camera movement triples with Shift Key
  • Camera can raise and shorten its distance from the ground with scroll wheel.
  • Shift affect triples the speed of the zoom.
  • All the code is done through components that can be easily carried into another unity game and it is all Designer Friendly.

I would also take this as an opportunity to express that we are looking for help along the way.  We have all the skill set we need to accomplish this, but we are bottlenecked.  Getting more skilled resources, and possibly apprentice roles would be excellent.

Please take a moment to see if you fit any of the roles we are looking for: 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Warp Wars Camera Movement

 Its not finished yet, but I rewrote the camera code from first person shooter to more of an overhead view that is more common with a city builder.  The video is particularly shorter as it really only needs to show the movement, but it also shows adding buildings from this new height.

Next I will be adding a bit of physics for slightly smoother camera movement.  

UPDATE:  I've added mouse wheel scrolling and some of the physics I was talking about.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Warp Wars 0.2 On The Move (Region Tool)

At the beginning of V 0.2, we felt a need to hold back all the plans, until we felt our design was complete.  Its not complete yet, but I believe it is far enough along that we can start sharing pieces of it.  That first piece is the:

Region Tool

The region tool is a system that allows us to define a specific area of our game map.  This can be used to lock down regions where buildings can be constructed, areas where bridges can go, safe zones, AI information, etc.  

The specific reason we chose to build it, was to support one of our basic designs for the game, Gridless Buildings.  We want a player to have pixel perfect placement of their buildings.  Most games like this use some kind of tile based system.  But we want our designers to be able to create worlds that are rich, and take full advantage of 3D terrain.  

In order to do this, we needed a way to detect if our building was within certain buildable areas, i.e. reasonably flat ground.  The designers will build the world as the wish, and then use the region tool to mark safe areas.  

Enter the new problem.  Unity does not have out of the box support for this.  You can't even edit individual vertices in unity, you can only stretch, rotate and reposition entire models. To do this, I needed to write code that would generate editable points on each vertice to allow us to reshape them in the game.  Here is a video showing that.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Call out for help.

I know its been quiet here, but thats only because we are sneaky.  Our team has been working hard to make sure this next version of the game will be great.  We haven't been wanting to give too much away, because a lot of it is still being designed and decided on.  We have a large amount of concept art that is still growing, we are working on mini games to prove concepts and we are designing around what what we feel makes the game fun to most.

We are looking for a couple of artists and a web designer.  Unity 3D experience is a plus for any, but not required.

We have two really good artists right now, but their work and skill is keeping them focused on 3D Models and Concept Sketches.  We would really like to find:

1) Logo Artist.  We know we need a new look.  We weren't planning on keeping the current logo, but its been lower on our priority list. Now that we have a Kick Starter project release looming, we would like to get a finalized look.

2) Terrain Artist.  The game needs terrain that looks great, near real, but not quite.  Dirt, Rock face, sand, water, etc...  We would prefer Unity 3D skills as well, but that is not absolutely required.

But art is not all we need. Art is only part of it.  We also have need for a new website.  I generated our current site, as a place holder, but my UI design skills are not strong.

3) HTML5/CSS3 Site Designer.  The site needs a new look and feel, something more befitting a war with dragons, and a solid video game.  MVC4/CSHTML skill appreciated but not needed.  We can take care of site logic and database work, but particularly we need someone with the front end skills to make it presentable.

If you are interested we would love to hear from you.  You can contact me directly at Dan.Sagmiller@WarpWars.Net.  Please keep in mind that this is an unpaid Indie project.  We are tracking hours and wages, which will help us fairly distribute profits when the game goes public.  There is a lot of skill in this group already, and you can help it grow.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Warp Wars 0.2 Beginning...

Here we are, month later, and still no Kick Starter.  And why is that?  Because we realized we were talking about dragons, dragons and yes, more dragons.  That and the fact our first release of the game was going
to have none.  We've been focusing on the wrong stuff.  Most of what was making the game fun, was based around the entire structure of all three games.

On Sunday, we had our second meeting about the direction and plans for WW 0.2 and I figured I would share a few of the highlights.

1) Where did the dragons go?

 - Dragons are an integral part of this instance of the game.  From the get go, we will be building up both the world of dragons and the world of humans for the City Builder.   

2) It wasn't pretty was it?
 - When I started this project, I generated an infinite terrain generator, because I was used to projects where artists and modellers were rare and overbooked.  But it was more like a slightly angled Minecraft terrain than a rich environment.  We are starting the entire project over and building it in a way that the designers can work directly with the terrain and pull out all the stops.

3) What are the key features targeted for this new release?
 - No idea!  Well, we have some idea.  We spent some time researching what people found most fun about city builders, (and still are researching) and now we are reviewing all the ideas and only picking the ones that really bring out what will be the most fun in the game.  We plan on solidifying our starting list during next Sunday's meeting.

4) Will it still run in a web browser and be 3D?
 - That's the plan.  Though we are also talking about a higher resolution downloadable version for paying customers and our awesome KickStarter fans!  More to come on that later.
More to come later...