Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Development Log WWCity Client 78 Server 45

Client Build, Server Build 

I have the first draft of this up to the internal group now.  the client lets you login, or create an account if you don't have one yet.  At present, everything is on instant validation (no email validation required).  Since everything you see in the game is supposed to be loaded by the data for each user, I wanted a way to at least create and manage separate test accounts.  Then, once you are logged in, it takes you to a different scene, just showing a warehouse and a truck.  

Unless something truly heinous is noticed in the log in/registration screens on the game, I'm going to ignore them for a while and just focus on the actual game play.

When connected, this is your screen:
To anyone engaged in the project, I wanted to point out that the version in the corner is actually the server version, not the client version.  I will at least make the text clear on this in the next developer build, listing both client and server version.

At present, Forgot Password does nothing.  Technically, it changes the Username to "Forgot" to show that the button does something, but I'm not concerned with it at the moment.

Passwords come across as '*''s and are encrypted to an MD5 hash, so they can not be reasonably reverse engineered.  This is handled on the client before being sent across the network.  The server will have no idea what the original password was, and the code in the client is set to forget it as soon as you are done logging in.

Once you do login, you are given a session code, which is managed by the server, and has a timeout of 20 minutes.  That presently has no effect, because when you log in, there is nothing you can do yet.  It just takes you to a simple view to emphasize that you have actually logged in: 
I would point out, that my knowledge of producing 3D objects is limited to what you see here.  I used Blender, and in blender, I had the two objects skinned/textured, but I was unable to get it to save in a format that Unity is able to use.  I welcome help here.  I will add/user basic objects of my creation as filler for the time being, but will need someone else with good 3D skills to provide real work.  Of course art concepts are still in progress.

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