Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Development Log WWCity Client 178 Server 110 (Alpha Build)

I've just completed the first update within the Game Play area.  Most things we will be able to do or not do will be based on how much money and resources we have.  So I created a system that manages a standard set of resources.

http://warpwars.rr.nu/default.aspx - to get the latest client.

All test accounts were cleared, because when users are created now, there is certain data created at the same time about their character.  Minimum levels of resources are set.

Credits = 1000 (+5/min)
Wood = 100 (+1/min)
Stone = 100 (+1/min)
Metal = 100 (+1/min)
Warpium = 0 (+0/min)
Food = 100 (+4/min)
Energon = 100 (+10/min)

Each amount has a starting level, and a certain rate of increase based on your starting base.    Credits are cash.  Warpium is an element that you will build up to harvesting, let alone using.  Food keeps troops/civillions fed.  And Energon is electricity in the form of a raw material.  Places need power to work, you need generators to power them.

Even though the updates are per minute, the actual change is live all the time.  Technically its is a decimal value 20 digits tiny, but the user doesn't see that.  It also only processes growth when it is checked.  It keeps tabs on GameTime, and updates it live.

The client checks with the server ever 5 to 10 seconds to update the values of what you have.  My intention, is that all 3 games will be able to tie into the same resources as a way to support and buffer each area.

Because of the way this is processed, even if you log out for a day, when you log back in, your city will have been producing the entire time.  So when you log back in after a day, even with having done nothing, you will  have obtained 1440 metal, stone and wood.  and even more credits food and energon.

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