Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Network Nightmare...

I'm posting today to let you know about a blocker I'm facing.  I got the Web Version of the game working finally.  One of the selling points to this game is that it will play from the web browser. So this is good news right?

While the graphics did show up, Network communications of any type are failing.  Can't get the server version, can't create new users, can't login and can't obtain resource metrics.  This is a significant issue right now, and I need to figure out how to resolve it.  I'm putting the tile work on hold, and the next external version will be web with networking.

I strongly feel that the web browser aspect is a major sales point for this game.  Similar to Runescape VS World of Warcraft.  Comparably, WoW appears to be the much better product.  But WoW requires a local installation, meaning that you can only play it at a machine you have access to install it.  Runsescape is (or was, haven't kept up on it) Browser based, so you could just run it on any machine you were at.

Runescape has 8.5 million paying members (5.95 per month = 50+ Million / Month)  Now Runescape is far more than just a browser based game, but that is a great reason why people get into it so easily.  You just connect from where ever.  I found out about this, because I was teaching a game on programming back some 6, 7 years ago, and all the kids that were early were playing it on their machines.

Because of the Web by itself being such a strong feature, I intend to keep it.  While there are plenty of City Builder games on the web, how many of them are fully 3D?  (like Runescape)

So in recap, all my attention is devoted to getting the network communications working in the browser edition, then posting it online.  (If I'm waiting for messages, I may continue on the Tiled ground)

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