Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Developer to Assist...

Another developer has expressed interest in assisting with the game.  Similar to me he has considerable experience with .NET, and relatively new to Unity.  In order to get ready for multiple developers, I've added the project and design work to Team Foundation Server.  I also spent a little time organizing and cleaning it up.
Team Foundation Server is an excellent tool I've used before, and Microsoft has it for free now at  At least for a limited time.  By the time they go to charge (for teams over to 5) I plan to migrate the live version to my own TFS server (which I will have to setup)

Since the cleanup and TFS Sync are done, I'll be back improving the game.  I've got a few key areas to work on.  1) Map needs the tiles to expand, so when moving the view, the tile map appears never ending.  2) HUD should start getting a look/design work.  3)  Tiles need to smoothly fade from one tile to the next.  4) A speed bug with the map based on position needs to be addressed.

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