Friday, March 29, 2013

New Domain and game rotations

I have just completed the blog transition to Http://Blog.WarpWars.Net.  Also, WarpWars.Net is now the site with the demo.  (under very slow construction)

Unless something considerable changes, I plan to keep the name Warp Wars, with the sub names City, Tactics and Strategy.  Its grown on me.

Additionally, I have another game update, which is not part of the live alpha demo yet.  Rotation.

The video demonstrates the new movement and rotation abilities.  By clicking anywhere and dragging the mouse, the map moves to follow.  Instead of exact mouse mimicry, I applied a simple Velocity/Friction physics operation to the map.  This allows smooth motion, and the ability to 'fling' the map and move faster/farther in a single motion.

Of course I also added rotation, which is accomplished by pressing R while moving the mouse.  This hot key may change, but for now it works.  The rotation does not operate on the physics operations, so it follows the mouse more accurately.  

WASD keys no longer affect your map location. 

Again, the rotation and mouse based movement is not in the live demo.  I have a few things to try working out before I post another.

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  1. Not part of a formal post, but I'm nearing completion on the map code. I have the never ending aspect of it working, but its not following the camera yet. Some offset issues to deal with, POSSIBLY an X/Y orientation issue, which would be a bit more of a pain, but I don't believe that is an issue yet. Finally, I'll have performance improvements once the code is functional. (many performance improvements make the code a little harder to rework in the future, so I keep those as the last step.