Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Live Demo! Client V0.0.5.420

Client V0.0.5.420 is live and running.  Go here: http://WarpWars.Net.

This version finishes the 3D infinite terrain scrolling.  It never has more than 800 tiles in memory at a time, and simply updates and re-positions them as the player moves the camera.  You would have to scroll around 300 million screen lengths before you found the edge of the map/broke the code.  The final game will close you in a bit more, providing more land as upgrades/features in the game.

WASD map controls are replaced with mouse click and drag.  But I didn't limit myself there.  I also added Rotation, to overemphasize the 3D in a browser.

I also cleaned up textures in the game, so all the tiles are a shade of grass (4 different grass textures).

I also cleaned up the project in general, reducing the download from 16 megs to 4 megs.

I also had the opportunity to learn MVC4/Razor at work, and went through formal training yesterday, so I cleaned up the website a bit more.  Certainly not production ready, but much better than before.  The top links actually work, leading you to the live demo and back here to the blog.

Somehow I lost light shading in this edition and I'm not sure why.  It still works in the game editor, just not the web, and it was working before.  I''ll consider that something to check up on for the next live demo.  I know I made a few tweaks to the rendering system while working on lag issues, so I've got a few good places to look.


I could use some help.  Please try it out, and let me know if you experience lag, subtle choppiness or it runs smoothly.  Please include your system specs if you do, like OS, Core GHz/count, Ram, browser.  Comment publicly on this post.  Thanks.

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  1. I fixed the shading and attached the light to the camera, so it always follows. I replaced the live demo with this.