Friday, April 12, 2013

Sprint 6 Starting

Able to move quickly and easily
In the technical world, Agile, refers to a method of product development designed to handle change.  One of the perks of following this methodology is that you get new demos out often.  Our last demo was from the end of Sprint 5.  The terrain was all I wanted from that sprint.  I spend no more than 2 weeks on any sprint, and try to get out a good demo.   I prepared all the basic designs I needed for Sprint 6 early, so I closed sprint 5 after only 9 days.  So Sprint 6's focus will be menus and a starter building. At least enough to create a solid demo.

On a side note, I ended up getting sick from my niece, (bothersome little cute thing) and had to post pone the Monday meetup to discuss the HUD for this sprint.  But I had the make-up meet-up Wednesday night and additionally held a long HUD/GUI conversation with another designer as well.  Which is why Sprint 5 was able to close.  Here are the plans for this sprint.

1) Most appealing at the moment is 3D Context menus, mixed with a smaller HUD/GUI.  Here's an example of some minor graphics used as art in this other picture, but that is what I plan on being more of the focus: A couple of basic bezier curves connecting an object to 3D/holographic appearance menus.  (please note, that this image I have was an example of HUD images I did a search on a while back.  I was not able to find the owner of this image though, otherwise I would post a reference back for credit)
You can see how the menus just pop out from the object.  I believe both the game Home World and the app Blender use a similar setup, of right click and have the menus appear directly related to the 3D object.

2) To begin with, I'm just going to add a right click menu to the terrain directly.  By right clicking, you get options, one for testing might be to log out so I have multiple menu options.  But the plan, is to be able to add a building.  As stretch goals, (which mean if they get done, great, but they are not needed) I would also plan on being able to add multiple buildings, and for them to remain when returning to the game.  another stretch goal is to be able to remove them.

Alright, So now its time to press forward.

 - We can get by without this still, but we are getting further into graphics, models, HUDs, GUIs, etc...
 - If someone with decent 3D modelling skills can offer a starter building, please step forward.  We have people working on it, but our best resources haven't had much time, and the active people don't have as much skill.

If you see something in the way of graphics, models, images, etc... that you think you can do better on, try it. We welcome it.  We'll take the best we can get, and hope to keep upgrading.  Feel free to ask questions on the forum if you want to know some more details about what we need.

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