Friday, April 26, 2013

Sprint 7 Starting - Buildings Cost

So Sprint 7 is starting, which I plan to have a key focus on having a cost for buildings, gaining resources from them, and most importantly, that the server remembers your buildings between sessions.

This image is only an example of how prices might show up.  Since its appearance is not as important right now as the function, all I care about is making it work.  I can pretty it up later.

1) buildings are remembered between sessions.
2) buildings have prices, that are taken from your available funds.
3) buildings gain resources by having them.
4) your initial gains in the account will disappear and depend on buildings now.
5) On the site, it should have a "Report Error" link on the Live Demo page, so people can post errors, like the fact it doesn't appear to work in Firefox or Aurora.

Stretch Goals: (Meaning it would be nice to get to these, but the sprint doesn't depend on it)
1) Building Dependencies.  I.e. must build Starter House, then Starter Garden/Shed, then You can add saw Mill/Mine, Then you can add Barracks.  Naturally the orders might change over time, but the functionality should be their.
2) Texture for 1 or more buildings.
3) Music and or Sound Effects.
4) Prettying up the website more.


  1. Hey Dan,

    I will get round to texturing a building either tonight or tomorrow night.
    Will start with a small page, say 512x512, just to see how it works for you.

    I'm sure you'll be getting round to this at some point soon, but it would be great to help me see relationships between models if:

    1. as you select each menu item, show the building's actual footprint laid out as well as the current floor tile selected

    2. ability to rotate the building/ footprint

    3. naturally follows that we'll need prevention / warning of overlap if a building's footprint coincides with something already laid down)

    Artists... always wanting more :)

  2. Agreed. I think these are pretty important as well. I plan on having building rotation in in the next couple of sprints, and adding those right after, or at the same time. Next sprint, I'd like to add construction time, but we'll see where we are at the end of this sprint, and which seems the best :)