Saturday, April 6, 2013

What's going on now?

I wanted to let you know about a slowdown that's happening.  Over the last few days, I haven't really written any more code, for two reasons.  The first, is that I'm not sure what to do next, and the second is that I recently got an influx of programmers and designers with good histories from around the world.  Russia, India, UK, France, US and some others I think (I don't have locations from everyone yet)

Why don't I know what to do next?
Well I actually do know what I want to do next, just not how.  I'm about to add buildings, but I want to start it with the player being able to add the buildings.  In order to do that, I should have some form of HUD (Heads Up Display) so the player can click on something.  And that brought me to questioning what the best approaches to HUD's are.  I've posed this question to GameDev.Net, and received some answers to consider, and I'm also having a meetup on skype Monday night with some other game designers, to specifically discuss HUDs and Marketing.  Then I'll probably take another day to plan out my next move, then go build it.

That sounds like a bunch of people joining the team.
Yeah, I wasn't expecting this much reaction, especially from some of the histories that some of them came in with.  So far, any assistance I've had has been primarily through direct communication via email, skype or in person discussion.  But ate up a lot of time, just getting people introduced to the project.  I'm working on selecting/setting up a private message board service for the group to use, so we can work on things as a group, instead of everything going through me and however I may filter it.  This will also take some time to review.  (Any recommendations?)

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