Monday, May 27, 2013

Sprint 8 Completed

Sprint 8 saw many challenges to deal with time, and environmental issues.  It was a bit late, but now we have Mines (that go underground), a textured garden, background music and *some* light modifications.  Unfortunately the lighting issues still persist, but we will continue to work with that.  Without further ado, here is some more ado, but in a video.  

Sprint 8 Close delayed...

There are several updates that have made it into sprint 8, and are working, but ultimately, the final demo is not ready.  A bug in the code is preventing you from seeing buildings as you add them.  Also the debugging has been getting wonky.  I've been able to work around its issues before, but none of my work arounds help me see what's happening right in the live code right now.

I'll wait until its working before I post a video on the good parts.  Hope to see you soon.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sprint 7 Released

Sprint 7 is completed, and the new build is published:  (Check out the live demo).

We had a checklist of things intended to get in Sprint 7:
DONE 1) buildings are remembered between sessions. 
DONE 2) buildings have prices, that are taken from your available funds.
DONE 3) buildings gain resources by having them.
DONE 4) your initial gains in the account will disappear and depend on buildings now.
DONE 5) On the site, it should have a "Report Error" link on the Live Demo page, so people can post errors, like the fact it doesn't appear to work in Firefox or Aurora.

We also achieved 1 of the 4 stretch goals:  (stretch goals are 'nice to haves' but not a requirement of the sprint.)
DONE - Texture for 1 or more buildings.

So I'm quite pleased with the results. I would point out that the menu system is not really working any more though, and at some point in the near future we will need to switch to a HUD/UI.  It will do for now, but even in the video, you can see that some text is starting to cross over each other.

We don't start sprint 8 until Friday.  Our target goals will be setting the mood, with music and lighting. Still discussing exactly what those plans are, but there will be an update on Friday.