Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sprint 10 Complete - Terrain Height, Tiles and Textures

This sprint took an abnormally long time.  The key issue is that this is the first time the complete X/Y relationship between terrain and buildings, and my code didn't have them lined up.

Since I was first creating the terrain engine for this game, I was intending on having multiple terrain types, and an altering height map.  This was my first attempt:

You can understand why I quickly switched it to all grass and flat land.  It was not pretty.  But that all changed this sprint for both terrain types and heights:

As you can see this also includes adding the texture for the mine shaft.  And finally the ability to zoom in and zoom out with the scroll wheel on the mouse was added.  The demo is now live.  Similar to last sprint, all your buildings are gone again and your resources have been reset.  Any time we do any significant changes to the terrain generator, it messes with the placement of water, and height maps.  This can cause issues if objects shift over water, as they can't be added over water.

Here is this sprint releases video:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sprint 9 Complete

Just finished sprint 9.  We were a little pressed for time with various issues, including family vacations, switching technologies, new project setups and learning how to get these going, but we did get a few things done.  Some interesting space watching effect on the login screen, fixed the lighting issues for the General House and programming the server/client to understand the tiles that buildings take up.  Check it out.

OH! and hopefully you aren't to attached to your maps on this "Alpha" "Demo", because we had to wipe them all out this time.  The accounts still exist, but buildings and resources have been reset.