Monday, August 26, 2013

Warp Wars 0.2 Beginning...

Here we are, month later, and still no Kick Starter.  And why is that?  Because we realized we were talking about dragons, dragons and yes, more dragons.  That and the fact our first release of the game was going
to have none.  We've been focusing on the wrong stuff.  Most of what was making the game fun, was based around the entire structure of all three games.

On Sunday, we had our second meeting about the direction and plans for WW 0.2 and I figured I would share a few of the highlights.

1) Where did the dragons go?

 - Dragons are an integral part of this instance of the game.  From the get go, we will be building up both the world of dragons and the world of humans for the City Builder.   

2) It wasn't pretty was it?
 - When I started this project, I generated an infinite terrain generator, because I was used to projects where artists and modellers were rare and overbooked.  But it was more like a slightly angled Minecraft terrain than a rich environment.  We are starting the entire project over and building it in a way that the designers can work directly with the terrain and pull out all the stops.

3) What are the key features targeted for this new release?
 - No idea!  Well, we have some idea.  We spent some time researching what people found most fun about city builders, (and still are researching) and now we are reviewing all the ideas and only picking the ones that really bring out what will be the most fun in the game.  We plan on solidifying our starting list during next Sunday's meeting.

4) Will it still run in a web browser and be 3D?
 - That's the plan.  Though we are also talking about a higher resolution downloadable version for paying customers and our awesome KickStarter fans!  More to come on that later.
More to come later...