Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WW Building Placement and Rotation.

I've been busy working on the scripts surrounding camera movement and building placement.  Particularly, that we have button based building deployment.  The building follows the mouse cursor until you set it.  You can also rotate the building prior to placing it.  Additionally, the physics on the camera allow it to move faster with shift.

I've also added the ability to move the camera closer or farther from the ground.  The controls have also become more modular.  Which is good considering that they are closer to finished product that will be moved into the final project.  Below is a short video that shows features in action.

New Key Features
  • Only add a building after clicking a button.
  • Building follows cursor
  • Building can be rotated. 
  • Building can be placed.
  • Escape cancels out of placement.
  • Shift rotates building faster.
  • Camera is at isometric overhead view.
  • Camera movement is smoothed out with Velocity, Impulse and Friction.
  • Camera movement triples with Shift Key
  • Camera can raise and shorten its distance from the ground with scroll wheel.
  • Shift affect triples the speed of the zoom.
  • All the code is done through components that can be easily carried into another unity game and it is all Designer Friendly.

I would also take this as an opportunity to express that we are looking for help along the way.  We have all the skill set we need to accomplish this, but we are bottlenecked.  Getting more skilled resources, and possibly apprentice roles would be excellent.

Please take a moment to see if you fit any of the roles we are looking for: 

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