Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dragon's Flight Tests

My environment is not quite back up, and most of the team has been busy with other things.  Dorothy recently sent me a dragon model, and is working on perfecting another.  I've been working on flight tests for the dragons. Whats the point to a game with flying dragons if you can't share in the experience?

As the dragons grew to depend on magic, their natural ability to fly was reduced.  Something closer to a chicken.  Not very elegant.  But they can glide pretty well, and use magic to help add more force off the ground and do other tricks in the air.

Here is a slightly closer view.  When closer to the ground, dragons can pick up more speed.  Allowing them to get to higher peeks, and glide farther distances.  Below is a video of a recent flight test in the game.  Temporary background music is added, the orbs help add to the the feel of the flight.  The lighting and water effects are far better.   I'm working on applying the math/logic to its flight.  Pieces of it work, and I'll work on improving it over time.